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Increasing LeadGenApp's
Search Impressions By 834% Overall

Project Timeline


The company was struggling to increase its domain rating, search impressions, and clicks, which is crucial for generating leads and increasing conversions. They approached us to help them with their digital marketing strategy.


LeadGen App was facing several challenges, including low domain rating, low search impressions, and low clicks. These challenges were affecting their lead generation efforts and ultimately hurting their bottom line. They were not getting enough traffic to their website and were not ranking high enough on search engines to attract potential customers.


Our team worked closely with LeadGen App to identify the root causes of their challenges. We performed a thorough analysis of their website, content, and backlink profile to determine the areas that needed improvement. We then developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included building high-quality backlinks to their website. We identified websites with high domain authority and relevance to LeadGen App's niche and reached out to them to request backlinks. We created high-quality content and guest posts that would appeal to these websites' audiences and would also link back to LeadGen App's website.


Our strategy was a success, and LeadGen App saw a significant improvement in their domain rating, search impressions, and clicks. The domain rating increased to 69, and search impressions and clicks increased by 834% and 821%, respectively. The increase in traffic and clicks translated into more leads and conversions, which helped LeadGen App grow its business and increase its revenue.


In conclusion, LeadGen App's struggles with domain rating, search impressions, and clicks were holding back their lead generation efforts. Our team was able to help them overcome these challenges by implementing a comprehensive link building strategy that included building high-quality backlinks to their website. As a result, LeadGen App saw a significant improvement in their search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions, which helped them grow their business and increase their revenue.

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